Garybaldi - Nuda (1972) [Italy, Progressive Rock/Heavy Psych]

Artist: Garybaldi
Location: Italy
Album: Nuda
Year: 1972
Genre: Progressive Rock, Heavy Psych
Duration: 41:31
Format: MP3 CBR 320

All tracks written by Maurizio Cassinelli and Pier Niccolò Fossati.
01. Maya Desnuda - 6:09
02. Decomposizione, Preludio e Pace - 1:55
03. 26 Febbraio 1700 - 7:14
04. L'Ultima Graziosa - 5:19
Moretto Da Brescia - including (05-07):
05. Goffredo - 6:15
06. Il Giardino del Re - 9:18
07. Dolce Come Sei Tu - 5:19

- Pier Niccolò "Bambi" Fossati - electric & acoustic guitars, viola, vocals
- Lio Marchi - organ, piano, mellotron, effects
- Angelo Traverso - bass
- Maurizio Cassinelli - drums, tympani, perussion, harmonica, vocals

Download: Yandex

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